Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September AND Labor Day!

So, it’s the first of the month, and if you’re new around here then let me tell you what this means…Every month on the first I write a little paragraph or two on what I’m going to up to during the upcoming month.  I started when I kind of had more to do, or at least I thought I had more to do…I also talk about upcoming birthdays and what will go on during them, and the holidays of that month.  This month has my cousin’s birthday, but I don’t celebrate his birthday.  There aren’t any other important birthdays that I know of this month, so September is going to be a slow month.  (I say slow, but really where the hell has this year gone?!) 
I can’t believe that it’s September.  I feel like it’s still April.  But if it were then the nights wouldn’t be feeling cooler or getting longer.  It’s a small change, nothing to big, but I can feel fall coming and I’m very excited!   I love fall.  The leaves changing, the smells, the cooler weather; I can’t wait.
I shouldn’t be up to much this month.  Same old same old. 
Now on to Labor Day!
Today is Labor Day in the United States and what that means is that many people don’t have to work today. It is always celebrated on the first of September.   What we’re celebrating today is the American Labor Movement, and the economic achievements of American workers.  (If you’re from a different country this day is your equivalent of Labour Day or International Workers’ Day.)  
The first official celebration of Labor Day was in September of 1882.  A few years later, in 1887, Labor Day became an official holiday.  The reason why the holiday isn’t in May (like others) is because President Grover Cleveland thought it would look like the country was celebrating the massacre. 
Labor Day is also known for all of the shopping sales.  Anywhere you go, you’ll see a sale.  Cars, clothes, electronics; you name it, it’s on sale.  I don’t know if I’ll be going out or not, but if I do, you’ll learn about it. 

Have a good month!


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