Monday, August 25, 2014

Short Hiatus Over:

Good Morning! 
So I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but after Monday last week I stopped posting.  There were two reasoning’s behind my little hiatus.  Reason #1, my computer got water damage and the screen was really messed up, and I wasn’t sure if the motherboard was going to survive.   Currently, everything is fine.   I’ve been using my computer all week and nothing has happened.  The screen even cleared up besides for a few little streaks that are easily ignored.  The only problem that seems to exsit is that the port where I insert my SD card from my camera does not work.  That means that I need to find a new way of getting all of my pictures onto my computer.   There is another computer in the house, so I’m pretty sure that is how I’m going to have to do things.  Upload the pictures to that computer, put them on a flash drive, and then bring them back to my computer.   This will just add extra steps into my life, but honestly it’s not like I’m short on time. 
Now for reason #2.  When I wrote Monday’s post, I didn’t know what had happened.  I woke up and my mom was home, which confused me because she should have been at work.  She later on tells me that my 17 year old, 3 legged, cat was attacked in the night and he had to be brought to the vets.   A hurt cat probably wouldn’t stop you from going on the internet, but it did for me.  That cat means everything to me, I’ve had him since I was 5.   We don’t know what attacked him.  All we know is that it was something that was able to pick him up, shake him, and then drop him.  We don’t know why it decided to drop him, but I’m so glad it did.   He’s doing much better now.  He’s been walking around the house, he’s been drinking water, and he even went down the stairs by himself.  The only thing that he hasn’t been doing himself is eating. 
I should be back to normal this week, unless I can’t get my hands on the other computer. 
I hope you’ve been well!


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