Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August!

I used to hate August so much when I was in high school because it meant that summer was ending soon and I would have to go back to school.  I still don’t really care for August, but I don’t dread it as much.  What I really dislike is all of the back to school adverts and all of the crazy school supplies shoppers, it’s annoying.  Also the weather is killer, and it won’t let up until October. 
I’m not really sure what August has in store for me.  Probably not as much as I would like; I might have a little shopping spree soon.  I really want to buy some new books, but I don’t think I have any more room for books…I need more shelves, but I have no room.  I also need some more stationary.  I guess I should be glad that school supplies will be going on sale soon. 
I just can’t wait for autumn to start!  I’m so excited.   I’m ready for cold weather and crunchy leaves. 

Also…I think my blog turns a year old this month.  That’s really cool.  


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