Thursday, July 10, 2014

Currently I am:

This is my new series idea.  Currently I am...
I try to change up my Thursday posts often, but not too often.  First I had 10 Things I Wish I Had At This Very Moment, and then I had 7 Things.  
This one is kind of different but still sticks to the list vibe.  
I hope you enjoy! 

Currently I am reading Anna Karenina.  I've been reading it for a while, not because I don't like it, but because I've sort of been in a book funk and I just can't get myself to read.  Everyone has these kind of moods so I'm sure you know how I'm feeling but yeah... 
Currently I am drinking a juice called Xing Juice in the flavor of Fruit Punch.  It's really good.  I don't typically like fruit punch but I actually really like this one.  I have also tried the strawberry banana one, and it tastes like pineapple juice to me.  Odd since it's supposed to be strawberry banana but whatever.  I like pineapple too.  
Currently I am craving a turkey burger from Ruby Tuesday's.  It's my favorite meal from there, and I haven't been in a while.  I don't really know the next time I'll be able to go to Ruby Tuesday's, so it makes me a little sad, but it's just food.  

They'll change it won't be always what I'm reading or wanting to eat.  I'm excited to see where I can go with this. 

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