Thursday, July 17, 2014

Currently I am #2:

Currently I am wanting to see the ocean.  It's been about three years since I've been to the beach and I just really want to rent a secluded beach house for a week and just relax.  

Currently I am wanting to cut off most of my hair.  I don't know how much you can tell in my FOTD pictures that I post, but I have layers in my hair that have grown out so much that I feel like my hair looks weird.  I want to even out my hair, but then again I don't because I've been trying to get my hair to get back to the length it was before I started getting regular cuts.  I'm sure I'll just wait until I feel like the layers are at the right point and then even it out.  

Currently I am in need of a sad sappy love movie.  

Currently I am in need of a nap.  It's almost 7 am and I haven't been to sleep yet.  (That's not a nap.  That is bed.)

Currently I am planning.  I'm always planning something. 


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