Monday, June 23, 2014


I remember growing up and not exactly being forced to do well in school, but when I brought home bad grades I was always told that I could do better.  When I was younger, after a while, I was pegged as the ‘student who doesn’t apply herself.’  And I didn’t.  The only time I tried in school was when a test was coming up, and I studied the night before.  I barely passed my classes. I failed a lot of my classes too.  I had to repeat a lot different classes in high school.  I didn’t really mind, as long as I was going to graduate on time, with no summer school, I was okay with how I was doing.  My teachers didn’t like me, and I didn’t like them.   I didn’t like the way that I was treated, and I don’t like school system learning.   To put it nicely, they’re crap. 
When I want to learn something, I find ways to learn.   That is how I work.  When I got to college I tried very hard, and I applied myself, and I passed all of my classes.  I loved most of my professors, and the ones that I didn’t, they still didn’t treat me like I was scum.  I wasn’t treated any differently, because none of my professors knew who I was.   All they got from me was a quiet girl in the back of the class.  I was like that in high school, but they knew that I had an attitude, and if I was pushed, they would see it. 
Education is very important.  If I have children, then I would hope that they would try their hardest in school.  If they end up like me, then all I can do is encourage them to graduate with their class.  I know that I would never want my child to get their GED, but that is just my personal preference.   I would want better for my children, and that means that I want them to go to a 4 year (or more) college/university.  Not community college like me.   That is better.  By the time I do have children, it’s going to be so hard for someone who did decide on just community college to go very far.  That is how this world is working.  The more education you get the better job. 
But education to me is not just book smart.  You have to be street smart also.  Have a little bit of common sense and you will go far.  I don’t know what I would do, if I didn’t have the little bit of street smart I do have.  (Which is VERY little.) 
But, even after I have said all of that, if my child said that college is not for them, then I would have to understand.  A college degree can’t take you everywhere.   You have to have the social skills also.  You have to have talent, and everyone has a talent.  

College is not for everyone, but education is.

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