Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello May!

This month is my favorite month, and if you can’t guess why, well it’s because it’s my birthday month.  I’m turning 22 in nine days.  I don’t know why I still get excited about my birthday, because mine is never celebrated, but I guess the child in me still loves it.   
It’s weird to think that 22 years ago, I was just about to be born.  I was a mother’s day gift. 
Two of my baby cousins have birthdays this month also, I think ones on the 16th and the other is on the 26th.  I’m not so sure about those.  I know the oldest ones birthday is in April, but they’re so close together, it’s so hard to keep track.
Other than this being my birthday month, there is also Cinco De Mayo on the 5th and at the end of the month there is Memorial Day on the 26th.   I’ve never celebrated Cinco De Mayo and maybe one year I will.  This year might be that year, but that only gives me five days to figure out everything, so maybe next year.  (Besides I should learn about the day, before celebrating.)

Good luck on your May adventures!  I hope you month is full of happiness.

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