Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Update:

For two weekends in a row, I’ve spent time with family.  Last weekend was Easter and this weekend it was for my Aunt’s birthday.   My mom and her sisters go out to lunch, and when they come back from lunch my sister and I join them. 
I didn’t get a picture of the cake, the thought actually didn’t even cross my mind, but it was a two layered pink champagne cake.  It had white icing, a pink spongy soft cake, and pink chocolate curls.  It was amazing.  The icing between the layers tasted like bananas and the cake itself was so fluffy and soft.  It was the best cake I’ve had in a while.  We then sat for hours talking about local history, family history, and so much more.
 My Aunts and mom decided to visit the old jail museum and them talking about it reminded me that I should probably go there.  It’s been like six or seven years since I’ve last been and it’s sort of hard to remember all of the history.  We also talked about visiting other old towns in the surrounding areas just to see what they’re about.  My mom and I have a love for older towns and visiting all of the quirky shops that they have.  So hopefully something is planned soon. 
Anyways, I hope your week is amazing.  This week’s posts are going to be a little different seeing how the month ends on Wednesday (So a monthly favorites post will be made instead of a recipe) and then May starts (which means that I will have a first of the month post instead of a list.)  


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