Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 Things I wish I had at this very moment:

I've been doing this series for ten weeks now, and I've decided to look back at them and do  a few things (that are in my control) on the lists, and maybe talk a little bit about some of them.  This is going be be a long one, because there are so many things that I wanted/ want. 

Things That are done:
A cleaned closet. 
No headache. 
To find the perfect bedding set.
I feel like I will always be on the lookout for the perfect floral set in my price range, but for now, I have found the perfect bed set, here.
The want to finish a book. 
Since I wrote that, I have finished two books.  I’m not at the same pace as I was last year, but at least it is something.
Someone to do my dusting. 
I did my own dusting.  I feel like dusting is one of the worst chores around, and I wish I didn’t have to do it, but I do.  I feel like this one should go into two categories, seeing how it always needs to be done…
­ Someone to make me breakfast. 
Every weekend my mom makes me breakfast, and I love it. That will be one of the things I miss when I eventually move out.
A shoveled driveway
It’s not snowy anymore.
A dry jacket. (Laundry.) 
Unless it takes a few months to dry a jacket, this one is long over.
To win the contest  I entered
 I didn’t win.
A new Spring wardrobe. 
I’ve gotten a few new shirts, but you know I’m always shopping.
An easy way to clean my room, from floor to ceiling, easily. 
It wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.
To go on a Shopping Spree
I did this the other day, and got a few shirts.
For Amelia to feel better.
If you don’t know Amelia is my cat, and she went to the vet and got meds and is back to her old self.

Things that will be done by the time the weekend is over: 
A manicure.
I don’t often think about my nails.  I know that I should.  This weekend I will.  They’re a little short to paint, so I don't know  if I’ll do that, but maybe.
Heartburn medication.
I don’t currently have heartburn, and haven’t in a while, but you should always have the meds in stock.
A fresh fruit parfait. 
I’m going to look up recipes ASAP!
A pedicure. 
Same as the mani.

Food/Drink related items I've eaten/drank since the list:  A nice cup of tea. 
Chocolate Milk. 
To be able to drink milk. 
A big cup of coffee. 
Fresh Fruit. 
Whit cheddar cheez-its. 
An amazing grilled Cheese. 
Hot Chocolate. 
Banana Bread in a Mug!

Things that will always need to be done/worked on:
Better sleeping pattern.
This one is a constant battle with me.  When I wrote that,  I was awake until 11 am and I slept until 5pm.  I fixed it for a while, and now it’s going back to that.  I try to fix this problem quickly, and soon I will be back on track. But it is a constant battle between natural sleep, and needed OTC pills for this problem.
Clear skin. 
I’m getting better at my skin care routine.  A year ago I wasn’t even moisturizing on the regular, and now I am.  It’s just something I always have to remind myself to keep up with.
A cleaner room/Laundry done/dusting/cleaning anything.
You will always need to be doing these things.  I’m the type of person who needs a clutter free space to work in.  I thrive in organization.  And I’m always cleaning my room, re-organizing my room, fixing my room.  My room is always a work in progress. 
Better knowledge of editing skills. 
This is something I will always have to keep up on.  Technology is always changing and so are the tools.  Editing is something I’m working on, and I’m slowing learning the dos and the don’ts.. 
All of the recycling out of my room. 
Recycling will always be there, but taking it out to the bins is a little bit of a different story.
A charged iPod. 
Technology has not invented a never dying battery, not that I know of…
More lipstick. 
my collection is always growing.
More Books (Suggest some?) 
Again, my collection is always growing.
A tan.
I don’t like bugs, and going to get a spray tan is not something I’m interested in.  I’m also terrified of at home self-tanner.

Things that are out of my control: 
Anything weather related. 
I'm not mother nature,  I can't fix this.
Someone to walk with me. 
I’m not very social, and the  friends I do have, I wouldn’t enjoy a walk with them.
Perfect eyebrows.
My eyebrows are my eyebrows.  They’re not perfect, and they never will be.  I pluck them myself, and have only had them waxed once.  (Enter in horrible eyebrows that I didn’t even try to fix until college.)  So I don’t want anyone around my eyebrows. I’ve just recently started filling them in, and it’s made such a difference.
The house all to myself. 
Until I move out into my own home, this will never be something I can control.  It’s that simple.
To be able to drink milk. 
As much as I love Winter, Spring.
I’m a human, not mother nature.  I can’t change the seasons when I want.  Luckily, it is now spring, but where I live it will soon be summer, which is humid and gross.
To know if they're doing okay.
Longer Hair.
I can’t force my hair to grow, and I’ve never used extensions as much as I would love to, all I can do is try all of the tricks to see if it will boost anything.
A less crowded room. 
Until I move out, all of my belongings are in  my room.  I can’t expand anywhere else,  so I’m a little stuck.
A better phone that won't cost me an arm and a leg. 
Longer nails.
Along the same lines as longer hair.
For the palette I want from Peebles to go on sale.
I don’t even know if it’s still there, but damn was it pretty.
Unlimited Money.
Motherload cheat anyone?
A warmer room. 
my room will always be cold, I  live downstairs where my room is mostly underground.  So yeah…
Less of a routine with what I eat. (Chicken every night for dinner is boring.)
Chicken and turkey are the only meat I eat unless it’s meatballs or a Philly cheese steak.
A new cat!  
A different bed frame. 
I really feel like I’m going to have 10 different bed frames and furniture styles in an attic or storage because I like to change everything so much, but until I’m a millionaire, this will never happen.
To be at the Beach... preferably on the West Coast (East Coast is too cold/humid)
Going to the west coast right now is out of the question, but maybe someday…
To go on a Road Trip
I have no one to road trip with.

Things that I cannot fix at this moment:
To find the pajamas I've been looking for. 
I  don’t really have the money to be spending at this moment.  I have some in mind, but I might have to wait a few months until  I can afford them, hopefully they’ll still be around.
To be back in school.  (I kind of miss writing papers.  Well the papers I had the total rule of.) 
I have a plan to go back to school, but like stated below, I don’t have that plan set in motion.  To fill my essay writing wants, I write in a journal.
A proper facial. 
I don’t have the funds, but I do have a few DIY masks that I’m trying to get supplies for.
Enough money to buy a sweatshirt (or 6) from Beloved Shirts. (You Should check them out.)
A bigger dresser, I currently feel crowed while doing my make-up.
My room is too small for anything bigger to be put in here.
A bigger room, or maybe less stuff?  No a bigger room. 
When I live on my own this won’t be problem.)
A bigger closet. 
The perfect shade of pink sheets & pillow cases. 
I can’t help that the stores are not carrying what  I want.)
Floral Sheets & pillow cases. 
Again, not being carried.
All seasons of King of the Hill.
As much as I love King of the Hill, I can’t see myself buying every season at  this moment in time.
A nice, hot, relaxing bath. 
I currently don’t have a stopper.

Things I don't know how to do: 
A fixed drain. 
A passport. 
I know it’s not that hard, but I just really don’t have much behind the reasoning of wanting one, but eventually I will have one, and I will travel.
A fixed door.
It has been broken for years now...
An endless supply of my favorite candle, Sugared Apple by Yankee Candle.
I own two medium sized jars,  and the reason why  I put this here is because an endless supply is kind of impossible.
A massive cheesecake that would do nothing but taste amazing.
No calorie cheesecake, oh what  dream.

Things I need to work on:
Less procrastination. 
Inspiration is something that I feel you always need to be working on.  Anything and everything can be inspiration, you just have to really be looking for it. 
A plan set in motion.
There are a few things that I am behind on.  And I really need to work on going forward.  I have a plan, I have a few plans, but currently, I don’t have any in motion, and I really need to work on that.
Music to meditate to. 
(Earlier this year I made a resolution to start meditating, and since then I have only meditated once.  I need to work on that resolution, plus find music.
This is another one of my resolutions, kind of.  I’ve been working slowly on becoming stronger, I just need to go a little faster, and challenge myself a little more.
A Job.
A "peek-a-boo" hair color.  (Maybe blue or bright red.)
I’ve always been a little safe with my hair ever since the awful catastrophe that happened in 7th grade, so this is something I want really bad, but getting there is a little tough.  I’ll have to talk to my hair dresser

Lets just say I complain about the weather, my hair, and food a lot.  (Oh well.)


 This looks so much different on my end, so I'm sorry if this is hard to read.

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