Monday, March 31, 2014

Most Listened to:

At the end of each month, everyone shows you their favorite make-up, or their favorite snacks, or favorite items, and instead of being the same (Not that I’m hating, I love looking at everyone’s favorites gives me ideas of what to buy!) I figured why not, instead of items, do my favorite music of the month; my most played.  
My music tastes has a very far range to it, and I really love finding new music to listen to, so maybe you do too.   I’ll most likely have repeats, and I’m not an “underground” music guru, but maybe there will be people for you to check out. 

No Scrubs (Cover) by Bastille 
Count Your Last Blessings by Sum 41 
Subtitles by Neon Hitch ft. Kinetics
Blue Bird by Cassie Steele 
Not Now by Blink-182
Game Freak (Acoustic) by Ghost Town 
Shadow Moss (Cover) by Patty Walters 
The End With You by Boxcar Racer 
Dance, Dance, Dance (Cover) by Anavae 
Can’t Say No by Conor Maynard

If you would like me to explain the type of music each song is just let me know.  Up there are all different types.  I might move it up to my top 25 from my iTunes, I just haven’t decided.  I hope you enjoyed this post, and tell me your favorite!  


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