Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello March!

Last month I educated myself on two holidays, Valentine’s day and Presidents day, I went to a restaurant I've never been to, and ordered something I don’t typically order, and I chickened out of the one thing I really wanted to do this month.  So, I’m moving it to March, and if I don’t do it by the middle of March, then I can never do it.  (The more time between, the weirder it is…I feel.)
Anyways, this month has two holidays, and one birthday.  Do I have any goals for this month?  Educate myself on those holidays.  Drink some green beer.  Have a party and play the game my sister found called pictophone.  (When I do play the game, I will talk more about it.)  I guess my friends and I will get together for that birthday, but who really knows with them.  I swear we got together more when multiples were out of state whereas were all pretty much local now, (hour away is the furthest) and we never get together.
I also have to start getting serious about growing up.  I really need to get a job, I just don’t really know where to start, but I guess that’s how a lot of people feel when getting their first job…of course a lot of them are 16 not 21, but what can I say, I've been very spoiled. 
Also, Spring is 21 days away and I’m so excited.  We’re supposedly going to have one big snow storm before Spring gets here, but I’m hoping that’s a lie.  We have  had enough snow; we have had so much that the ground is still soaked.  According to the farmer’s almanac its supposed to be a wet Spring, and since they were very correct about the Winter, I’m thinking lots of rain in the spring.  I’m just hoping the humidity stays down.  I hate humidity. 

I also want to get back into reading…I've been lacking in books lately.  So sad.

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