Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Food in a Mug: Quiche

This week’s food in a mug is Quiche.   This can be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, or even a snack.   It looks a little weird, but it tastes really good.   I was actually surprised it tasted so good.  If you’re looking for a quick meal, then this is definitely something to consider. 

1 egg 
1 ½ Tbs Milk 
Salt & Pepper, to taste 
¼ of a bagel, or French Bread 
2 tsp Cream Cheese 
½ a slice of Ham or Turkey 


Beat together the egg, milk, salt and pepper.  Add the cream cheese & turkey.  

Rip up the bread that you chose into dime sized pieces.

Pour the liquid onto the bread. 
Then microwave for 1 minute and 10 seconds.  (In my microwave I had to add 30 seconds.) 

I know it looks a little odd, but it is very tasty.  


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