Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beauty Questions:

So, a little while ago I was on Tumblr and I found this survey of 50 questions that are beauty related.  I answered all of them on my Tumblr, but I have now decided to transfer them over here and delete them from there.  I'm actually going to weed out a few just to make this shorter, and because I don't like some of them.

When did you start putting on makeup?
Hm...I started wearing eyeshadow and mascara at 13, but before that I was wearing lip gloss.  I didn't start wearing blush/bronzer/concealer/foundation until I was 20, and I still don't really wear foundation or bronzer. I own it, but I don't use it.

 How did you learn to put makeup on?
Watching girls on TV put it on.  Also I learned some tricks from YouTube.  

 Favorite brand?
I have the most from Maybelline, but really it depends on what the product it is.

Favorite lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner and lip balm?
Lipstick: "Rapture" by Covergirl
Lip gloss: Show Off  "Luna" by Rimmel London
Lip Liner: I don't wear lip liner.
Lip Balm: Burt's Bees.

Favorite eye shadow color?
Reddish Brown.

What’s your favorite day time look?
Golden brown shimmery eyeshadow, mascara, little bit of blush, and a light lip.

 Picture of your makeup collection.
It's expanded since this picture was taken, but here is the most recent.

Favorite mascara?
Currently it is this...

Where do you keep your makeup?

Drawer 1: Brushes
Drawer 2: Mascara and Concealer
Drawer 3: Blush, Bronzer, and Primer
Drawer 4:  Most used Eyeshadow
Drawer 5: Eyeshadow
Drawer 6: "Junk" Drawer.

Do you wear blush?
Yes. I love it.

Do you like wearing bronzer?
Yeah, I think it adds a simple touch of color.  I feel it makes me look a little more lively.

Favorite concealer?

Favorite eyeshadow primer?
The only primer I have ever used is an all over primer and it is this...

Where do you buy your makeup at?
Drugstore or online.

Favorite eyeshadow palette and blush palette?
I’m really in love with my Estee Lauder one which has both eyeshadow and blush in it. 

Which do you like; cream, liquid, matte, powder, sheer or shimmer eyeshadows?
I like matte and shimmer the most.

 Favorite eyeliner?
When I do wear eyeliner I like Covergirl Perfect Blend in Basic Black and Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner in Blackest Black.

Do you wear makeup everyday?
If I’m going out.

 Favorite powder?
Airspun original face powder in transparent-light coverage.

Favorite makeup remover?
I really like this sample that I got from Estee Lauder, Take it Away.  It's really nice, doesn't burn,  and smells great.  When my sample runs out, I'm definitely going to buy the bigger tube.

 Heavy or light makeup?
I typically go light.

When do you usually put on makeup?
About 20 mins before I know that Im going to go out.

What/who inspired you to love/like makeup?
Me I guess.  I’ve always loved make-up, and when I got old enough to try it I was really excited, then I learned how to properly apply it, and then I got really shy and reserved.  I’ve just recently gotten into getting out of my comfort zone.

Do you wear nail polish? (yes, nail polish is still categorized as makeup)
I do, but not very often.  I have a really bad habit of biting my nails, so they’re always gross.  But when I actually let them grow, I try to paint them all pretty.

Favorite blush: 
Currently Peach by Estee lauder, which is the bottom left in the palette above. 

One makeup item you wish to own?
There are so many different things out there.  I want to try the Naked Pallettes, I want to try Nars everything, Mac everything.  There’s this one palette called Galexy Chic Baked by (I think) Bh Cosmetics, and I really want Cargo Let’s meet in Paris palette.

One makeup item you can never live without?

Do you spend a ton of money for makeup?
I try not to, but I do like to splurge here and there. 

 List down all the makeup stuff that you bring with you when you travel.

·        Mascara
·        Small palette of eyeshadow
·        Lipbalm

Tips you’d give to makeup newbies:

Less is more. 
Wear it confidently. 
Try different techniques.  
Don't mix too much. 
Stay hydrated.  

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