Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Murad Update:

Pretty much a month ago I wrote this post about this new skin care product that  I was going to start using.  I have used it, but not exactly in the pattern that I wanted. I stopped  using it, not because it wasn’t working, but because I just haven’t made the time to use it properly.  
It works amazingly.  I was seeing a difference, and I was using it about twice a week.  I just have a hard time putting aside 10 minutes of my day.  (Don't know why, seeing how I really don't do much atm.)  Something that I noticed that I have never had happen before is that I can't squeeze out the grossness.  (I know I shouldn't in the first place, and I've been trying to stop myself, and this product gives me a really good reason not to, since nothing will come out.)  It's a very odd thing to me.

I have currently started using it again, and it's like I never stopped using it. Anything that has come back has disappeared again. I plan on using it three times a week, (like recommended.)  I just have to start putting time aside to use it. 
But I do suggest this product for anyone struggling with blackheads, 100%. 

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