Monday, February 17, 2014

Life and Presidents' Day:

Over the weekend, I was sick.  I had a fever and a headache. It was awful.  I didn’t want to move too much because then my head would start to pound and it sucked.  Then as it was ending I had to sweat the fever away, and that sucked too.  Going from freezing to boiling sucks.  So I slept pretty much all weekend, instead of trying to fix my sleep.  Luckily, it snowed all weekend, and going out was not an option. 
Today is also Presidents' Day. (Which I totally forgot about. oops.)  Presidents' Day is a federal holiday, meaning that if you’re a government worker, you don’t go to work.  Presidents' Day is in February because both George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays are this month. A form of Presidents' Day has been celebrated since 1879, going by the name of Washington’s Day, because it was actually on his birthday.  72 years later, the first official Presidents' Day was celebrated.  The named changed because the people in charge wanted to celebrate the office of the presidency, not just a specific one.  Just like many other holidays, big corporate stores have changed the day into a sales day; mostly cars get a big discount. 

So it turns out February is a much bigger month than I had originally said. Woohoo!


Other holiday histories: 

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