Monday, December 9, 2013

What was your biggest achievement this year?

Last month I was reading my Glamour magazine and I came across their question of the year and it was: Who inspired your biggest achievement this year?  And I thought to myself, “What even was my biggest achievement?” because I feel like I don’t really accomplish that much, but when I thought a little bit longer, it came to me that my biggest achievement was graduating from College. 
 I didn’t go to a four year college.  I didn’t have the grades for that, and  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, plus I really wasn’t ready to go off to a four year college, so I opted for the community college in my town.  I spent three years in my degree program, and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in general studies. 
Ever since I can remember, I have always been in the lower set class.  I had an extra reading class and an extra math class in Elementary school.  I was discouraged to read “bigger” books that were “out of my knowledge,” (Ex. 4th grade wanted to read Holes told I couldn’t) and I just stayed in that mindset.  In Middle school, the classes weren’t separated, and I failed a few classes, but I was never held behind.  In High school though, there were level 3, level 5, and level 7, classes.   The level 5 were the average classes and the level 7 classes were the AP classes.  I was put into level 3 classes, where the teachers didn’t care, and the students ran the class because of how bad they were.  I had fun in those classes, but I didn’t learn much.  I eventually tried to move up to a level 5 class, and I was told that I would not be able to handle the work. 
When I got to college, the work was hard, but I pushed through it, and I passed all but two classes, which didn’t even go towards my degree.  College was an amazing experience, and I actually learned more in those three years, than in the 13 years in public school, and do you want to know why that is?  It’s because they didn’t “know” me.  They didn’t say to me “Oh you can’t take that class because you're not smart enough.”  They said to me, “You scored low in math, you should take this course to catch up.”  (I didn’t get to take the proper level of class, because my high school wouldn’t let me combine another math course.)  So…that is that. 
Now, after I thought all of that through, I had to think about who inspired me.  I inspired me.  I stayed in school even though all of my friends had already dropped out or were about to.  I went to college even though I was told that I would.  I graduated from high school, on time, even though I was told that I couldn’t do it.  My friends were told that I was holding them back, but they all left school.  (Not that I have a problem with getting a GED.  For some people it is the better choice.)  I graduated from College because of my mom.  I graduated from college because of everyone who told me that I couldn’t do it.  I graduated from college to get to a better place in my life, and if I hadn’t gone, I don’t know where I would be now. 
In the past three years I have grown up so much.  I look back and I cringe at some of the choices I made, but when you're told that is the best you can do, why would you try and fight it?  My advice to you is to fight.  Push yourself. Don’t let your school tell you how smart you are. 

So tell me, What was your biggest achievement, and who inspired it? 

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