Monday, December 16, 2013

My Jewelry Collection:

Recently in the past few months, I have expanded my collection of Jewelry.  Instead of just necklaces, I now own three bracelets, one ring, and countless earrings.  When I was younger I wore  earrings a lot, but it kind of died down once I got into high school.  I had a ring when I was little, and I used to wear it everywhere, but I eventually lost it.  I now own this beautiful bow ring that I got from JC Pennys on sale for $16.

The smile bracelet, $9.50, and the bow bracelet,$12.00,  are both by Lauren Conrad.  I got them both on sale from Khols. 

 The set of six earrings I got on sale from Peebles for $8, and the set of four earrings I got from Target for $7.  That set came with more, but I didn't like the style and I gave them to my mom.  

The four necklaces I got from a fairy festival that I've been going to for the past three years. I got the heart one the first year and then a year later picked up the other three.  They were all $8 each. 

They also each mean something:
  • The Celtic Heart:  is the sign for universal love; the most romantic of symbols, representing souls in a visual continuity.   
  •  The Triskele Shield: The three branches are positioned in such a way as to make the symbol appear it is in constant forward motion.  
  • The Moon Lady:  Intuition.  The goddess with the moonstone symbolizes the immanent life force, as Mother Nature, the Earth, the Cosmos, and interconnectedness of all life. 
  • The Crescent Moon:  Power.  The word “Crescent” derives from the Latin creare which means to create, and so the Crescent Moon is linked with the creative powers of the Goddess. 

The "Ooh-Laa-La" dish I got on mega sale from Wal*mart, it was .75 cents.  I use it for when I'm too tired to put all of my jewelry (or bobbie pins) back into their correct space.  It keeps things from getting lost, and I love it.

My favorites out of my collection are the smile bracelet, the bunny earrings, the pink rose earrings, the bow ring, and the Heart necklace.

A few jewelry pieces are not pictured, three necklaces, and three pairs of earrings.  Two of my necklaces do not currently have chains and the third is a marine tag which has personal information on it.  The earrings that are not pictured are plain balls smaller than the first set on the smaller earring holder. 

Which piece is your favorite?

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