Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas, and I currently just got home from my Aunts house.  I spent a lot of time with family, and saw all of the new generation of babies.  The oldest showed me his toys, his favorite was a transformer.  The middle one didn't really appreciate all of the new people.  And the youngest was all smiles, and she was so cute. 

Here are the pictures I promised when talking about how I was going to decorate. 

The top of my Christmas Tree
This year I tried so hard to be happy and get into the Christmas spirit, but I don’t know if I’m made out for it.  I currently don’t have much money, so I don’t buy presents for anyone, so I don’t get the joy of that.  No one around me cares about Christmas, and they tried so hard to convince me that it’s really not worth it.  I got a Christmas tree, and I decorated it, and I think it looks cute, but I’m not really good at that whole “put together and it looks amazing” type of thing.  I decorated my room, but it really just looks like I let a hipster loose in my room.  I was so happy to try this, and now I feel really let down, and I’m the only person I can blame.  But maybe I can figure more out for next year.
It’s hard growing up because you realize everything.  The magic to Christmas is gone, and getting it back is the hardest thing in the world, but maybe when I get the chance to get people presents, and I see their happiness it will rub off on me. 
I hope that your holidays are much better than mine, and I hope that you still have you’re happiness that was there when you were a child.  

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