Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December!

During November, I learned the history of Thanksgiving and then I spent some time with my family.  Not much happened.  My friend didn’t come up to visit, and then another friend didn’t come home from school.  That’s okay, because December is finally here, and in 25 days it will be Christmas! 
This year I’m really trying to get into the spirit of Christmas.  I want to decorate the house, listen to Christmas music, and just be merry, but the other people in the house hate Christmas.  Neither my mom nor my sister want me to decorate the house, and if I do, I have to do it all by myself and take it down all by myself, which is okay.   I’ve thought about just decorating my room, to just really not caring and going all out in the house, to not even wanting to bother.  But, I’ve decided that I should at least try, and   when I do decorate, I’ll take pictures and post them. 
The next best thing about December is the Christmas party with my friends.  We have two parties that are close to each other and we switch houses every year.  This year the Christmas party is going to be at my friend’s house, and the New Year’s party is going to be here.  We haven’t all hung out since October, and it totally sucks.  A few friends won’t be there (the out of state, and the one away at school), but that’s okay.  It won’t be the first time.  I’m not sure what the present situation will be, sometimes everyone gets a present and sometimes they don’t.  I’m thinking about making bath bombs and offering them out, and if no one wants them (I don’t know who takes a bath) then it won’t be that bad on my wallet. 
The other big event is Christmas Dinner!  This year it will be at my Aunt’s house because my cousin and his wife are coming down, and they’re bringing their three babies.  I think their ages are 4, 3, and 7 or 8 months.  The last time I saw them, there were only two babies, and the middle one was around 7 months or so.  (Again, I think.)  All I know is that it’s been a while.  I’m not much of a child person.  I’ve never really been around kids, so they’re not that interesting to me.  The rest of my family loves babies. 
The dinner itself is kind of confusing.  There had been talk of a “buffet” style type of dinner since there will be so many people and children, or there is going to be a child’s table.  (That was how it was when I was little.)  Hopefully it won’t be too much, and hopefully everyone gets along. 
I’m also really excited for some snow.  Where I live, it’s either no snow, or a big snow storm.  We don’t have much in between.   According to the Farmer’s Almanac there’s going to be more snow than usual.  They were correct about flurries in November, so maybe they’ll be correct about December.  Fingers crossed. 

Then it’s the New Year, and I’m really excited about that. 

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