Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Five Products that made me sad:

 Here are five products I will not re-buy and why: 
 Garnier BB Cream:  Everyone is talking about BB creams, and a lot of people love them.  Im sure I would too, if I had gotten a different brand.  This BB cream is sticky.  It goes on like a normal moisturizer, but in just a few seconds it becomes sticky and shiny.  I could have dealt with that, by just dabbing off the excess cream, but later on I discovered that the stickiness will come back.  I wore this BB cream on Thanksgiving, and it was great until I started to get a little warm, and my face started producing more oil.  The cream became very heavy and sticky.  So, if you have oily/combination skin I suggest you look elsewhere, because it literally felt like it was melting off.
Dove Dry Shampoo:  I have a favorite dry shampoo, and Dove just isn’t it.  The scent is very strong and over powering (to me) and I had to use more of Dove vs. the other brand that I love.  It also didn’t mix very well with hairspray.  I used the dry shampoo and set it with my hair spray and a few moments later I was re-applying the dry shampoo.  I then thought, “well maybe the hairspray has something in it.”  I went without, and I still needed to re-apply an hour later.
Pantene Heat Protector:  When it comes to heat protection I usually use treseme, but my mom picked this one up instead.  The first problem that I have with it is the nozzle.  Instead of a fanned out spray it was a direct line.   The next problem is that it makes my hair greasy.  The third problem is it gives major product buildup.   Other than that the smell is great and it works properly.
 Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioning Cream:  This product I have had for years and I literally have only used it about 20 times.  The product smells okay, like many other Garnier products.  But anytime that I have used it, I don’t see a difference.  This has turned into one of those products that you only use every so often, and only because you haven’t used it in a while.

L.A. Color Double Volume Mascara:  I made a post about this mascara here, and nothing has changed about it.  It doesn’t give me any volume at all, and I can barely tell that it’s on. 

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