Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Never stay Stuck

Quote is by Rae Smith
Many people I know are afraid to fall apart.  It is the norm to not show emotion.  I don’t know how we got there, but it is completely wrong.  Humans have emotions for a reason.   If you were to take away every emotion, the ending would be really bad.  The prime example that I have of that is to watch The Fairy Oddparents episode when Timmy wishes he didn’t have any emotions.  There are some exceptions; obviously, you are NEVER in the right if you physically hurt someone because you're angry.  Take the time to feel your emotion, but never hurt yourself or anyone else.  Keeping everything bottle up will actually hurt you in the long run.  Emotions are meant to be felt. 
 To “fall apart” does not mean you’re a failure it means that you were too strong for too long.  Rebuilding yourself is something you should always be doing; if not then you’re stuck.  Growing comes with responsibilities.  You can’t reinvent yourself every time you go through a hard time, like a friendship ending, but if you feel stuck then changing may be the only thing you can do.  Even if your friendship isn’t coming to an end, sometimes there is no other option than to distance yourself from toxic relations.  If you don’t feel right in a relationship, if you feel stuck or suffocated, then you have every right to distances yourself. 
 When you’re younger you’re told that you can do anything, you can be anything that you want as long as you put your mind to it.  But as you get older you’re told to plan.  Plan your schooling. Plan your life. Plan your future. Plan your retirement.  If you’re not the best at school then you get left behind and that’s not fair.  If you are being left behind, being pushed into the corner by your teachers, if you’re being ignored in school then CHALLENGE them.  If you want to try the harder classes, and your school says that you “can’t” do that, challenged them.  I was told so many times what I could and couldn’t do, and they were wrong.   What you do in school does not determine your knowledge.  You’re important and your opinion does matter.  
 The only advice I can give is to show your true self.  Looking back at my childhood or even my teens, I wish that I would have just been me.  I wish I wasn’t so worried about what the people around me thought.  I would have done more things.  Luckily now I can be that person.    Just remember to never be afraid to show who you are. Never be afraid to grown.  When a bad time comes, go through the pain and learn from it.  If you don’t learn then you don’t grown, and if you don’t grow then you’re stuck. 

 Never stay stuck. 

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