Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bringing the Old Back

The other day I was going through my lip products, deciding what had had its last hurrah and what I could possibly hoard for a little while longer.   I stumbled upon some lip gloss that I’ve had for, let’s just say, a while.  I quickly went to the handy-dandy search engine Google to see if I should throw away something I barely used when I got it.  What I found was if it is discolored, or smells odd, then you should definitely throw it out, but if it still looks like it did the day you bought it, then the gloss is fine.   I then decided that I needed to start using the older products so what better way to remember something by writing about it. 

The lip products that were in question are Rimmel London’s “Shock Gloss” 3D magnifying lip gloss, and by doing a quick search you can only get it from second hand places like Amazon, Wet n’ Wild “Mega Plump,” which again can be found at Amazon, Nivea “A kiss of Shine” red glossy lip care, that is still around, it just has different packaging, and then there is another lip plumper that has no label or title.  So just like I thought, none of them are available in store, but if you really would like to try them, they are at amazon.  

Trying the lip glosses out, the “Shock Gloss” 3D magnifying is thick, a little sticky, and feels a little heavy.   They smell kind of sweet, and the applicator is a flat plastic piece instead of the usual sponge.  When you put it on it is smooth and has a nice shine, but as the glossy shine fades away it gets a little bit stickier.  The good news is that it lasts on your lips for quite a long time (if you don’t mind some stick,) and the color lasts just as long. 

The Wet n’ Wild “Mega Plump,” feels like a normal every day lip gloss, it’s not too thick and not too sticky.  It smells like cinnamon and tastes a little bit like it too.  With my lips I didn’t notice any kind of plumpness, but that could be just because it is old.  Like any other lip plumper I have tried it makes my lips tingle a little tiny bit but I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to mean that it is working.  I didn’t notice any kind of change in the consistency while wearing the gloss like I did with the “Shock Gloss.” 

The Nivea “A kiss of Shine,” is very smooth and glossy.  Just like it says on the tube, it is not sticky at all.  The red has the same consistency as the “Shock Gloss.”  The application of this one is different because it’s a squeeze tube instead of a wand.  The smell of it reminds me of the dentist when they still have flavored gloves, but the taste is a different story.  It’s a little gritty with no taste.   It also says on the tube that it is moisturizing, and I 100% agree on that. 

The last product is a little off putting because I don’t know what brand it is. It’s very thick and feels heavy.  It smells like non-scented chemical products, and it tastes like chemicals.   The longer I waited, the more plump my lips got, but it burned a lot more than the “Mega Plump.”  It was a little uncomfortable.   I actually think that it numbed my lips, but that could have just been the thickness of the gloss.  My lips were at their biggest for only five minutes and then they went back to what they usually look like, but they still tingled.   I don’t think I’ll be keeping this one. 

Out of all of them, my favorites are the “Mega Plump” and the “Shock Gloss” in the red color.  I’m going to put them into my purse so I remember to use them.  The rest will probably go into the drawers that I go through every day while putting make-up on, so they will be seen.  If my opinion changes on these products then I will update you.  


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