Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Things I wish I had at this very moment:

When I'm having a stressful time, or if I'm moving way to fast to function, I like to take time and write down a list of things.  Doing this, my only focus is on the list and it gives me a few moments of breathing, and my mind stops racing.  It's calming, and I figured I should share my list every now and again.  They'll most likely be selfish, or simple things that I could do, but can't find the time to do them.

A nice cup of tea. 
Longer daylight time. 
No laundry to do. 
A cleaned closet. 
A fixed drain. 
Someone to walk with me. 
Less procrastination. 
A manicure. 
Perfect eyebrows.

Not the best list, but few calm seconds is nice. 

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